AIM Chaos is the research branch of a privately held investment vehicle named Sons of Ulster.

The equity investment component of Sons of Ulster is focussed on the AIM market, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange that has been designed to cater to small and growing companies.

AIM Chaos is named for the nature of the market on which it is focussed. The irrationality of company valuations and the extreme volatility of share price movements on AIM is endemic, and the potential for company-changing news flow (both positive and negative) is magnified tenfold in comparison to larger quoted exchanges.

In its original Greek form, Khaos translates as ‘chasm’ or ‘abyss’ – an apt resemblance of the potential spectacular rises or plummets that AIM-listed companies are subject to. The Roman poet Ovid also personified the word as “a crude, unsorted mass… the concentrated, discordant seeds of disconnected entities”. But this Khaos, he wrote, was the origin of the Cosmos, the orderly universe. This is a further parallel to investing successfully on AIM. Navigate through the turmoil, and rewards can be reaped.

AIM Chaos operates in tandem with two funds that are wholly owned by Sons of Ulster:

‘Chaos Trades’ is a fund dedicated to short term trading and investing on the AIM market. ‘Short term’ constitutes any length of period from one day to six months.

‘Chaos Investments’ is a fund dedicated to long term investing on the AIM market. ‘Long term’ investments are held for six months at the very minimum; indeed in the majority of circumstances, investments of Chaos Investments are held for at least two years.

The purpose of the AIM Chaos platform is to explain and rationalize the trades and investments made and held by Chaos Trades and Chaos Investments via the publication of research. The platform is for the benefit of both shareholders of Sons of Ulster, and for non-shareholders who wish to view past and current trades and investments of Chaos Trades and Chaos Investments, and to understand the reasoning behind them.